Being a tight-fisted git

So as you know (if you have read the “About” section) we are on a mission to drastically downsize, save money, and generally opt out of the consumerism driven culture that pervades our society.

Since I started reading a lot of minimalist writing and thinking seriously about the way we live, I have really noticed JUST how consumerist everyone around me is. I feel like every time I go on facebook I see people saying they have just bought more shoes, or 2 dresses they didn’t need, or maxed out their credit cards doing Christmas shopping. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not about living a scrooge-like, miserable existence. But we’re trying to not just buy stuff for the sake of it. Every time I feel the urge to spend money I’m trying to stop and think, do I really need/want this? Is it going to enhance my life? So with this in mind we have told all our relatives not to buy us Christmas presents this year but give the money to charity instead. The last thing we need when we’re trying to clear out stuff is more stuff in the form of Christmas gifts!

But I’m finding it’s hard to not buy into (excuse the pun) this stuff, when there is a certain amount of peer pressure and the feeling that if you don’t spend money, well, people will think you’re a tight-fisted git. For example, my stepmother is graduating this week. As we were discussing the arrangements I said “I suppose we should buy her a graduation gift” – to which OH replied “Really? Isn’t that the sort of thing we’re NOT supposed to be doing?” And he’s right. I mean, I wouldn’t mind spending some money on her if I knew I was getting her something she actually wanted, but there isn’t anything that comes to mind, so we will just end up spending £20 on a card and choccies or wine or something else generic and pointless. But it’s hard not to feel pressured into doing these things. I have the urge to give her a congratulations card and write a message inside explaining in great detail why we haven’t bought her a present, and that it’s not because we are too tight, or because we don’t love her. Ridiculous, I know!


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