CD madness!

Today we tackled item number one on our do list: CDs!

We brought all our CDs down from the loft; went through them deciding what we wanted to keep; ripped what we wanted to mp3; and then packed the CDs up into crates ready to get rid of them.

Honestly, I had no idea we had so many CDs.  Around 300!!  All of which have been stored up in our loft to keep them out of the way, with the result that they have not been getting listened to!  Madness!  It’s actually been great to find some old favourites that I hadn’t heard for years and listen to them on mp3.  I intend to put some on my iPhone to enjoy with my workouts this week!

Even better, my genius husband found Music Magpie, a rather nifty website which allows you to scan the bar codes on your CDs with your webcam and offers you a price for them!  Plus free postage! So I reckon we will get a couple of hundred quid to add to the Big Move savings pot.  Downsizing rocks! 🙂


2 Responses to “CD madness!”

  1. mark UK Says:

    just checking out minimalist blogs on line and saw yours…I have just seen that link regarding selling cds…………now that I have charity shopped them….oh well, it was still satisfying to get rid!

  2. fluffiebunnie Says:

    Oh dear! sorry Mark! well I’m sure the charity shop was grateful 🙂

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