What did you do with your extra hour?

Yesterday I read a great post on Zen Habits from Courtney about busyness. It really resonated with me, as she described trying to do everything, always rushing, never having enough time. I used to live like that too. I have come a long way down the road to living a simpler, happier, more meaningful life, and I’m pretty pleased about that.

Then I went on to facebook. As normal in the UK at this time of year, the clocks went back last night, giving us an extra hour. Of course, time trundles along in the same way and the extra hour is pure illusion, but that’s not the point. Twice a year we talk about “losing” or “gaining” an hour.

What struck me, though, was what people do with their extra time. Almost everyone seems to use it to sleep. Samples from my facebook news feed:

“Hooray for more sleep time!”

“Clocks going back – extra sleep!!!”

“I really need the extra hour in bed tonight.”

What does this say about our society? Why are we so tired, so overworked with our busy lives, that we clutch at the prospect of an extra hour’s sleep so gratefully? How sad is that? Not once have I ever heard someone say, “Great, an extra hour tomorrow, that’s an hour of walking/reading/playing with my kids.” No, its always sleep. How ridiculous! If you are tired and need sleep – then sleep!! But we don’t; we are so accustomed to getting up at a set time, to cramming as much as we can into our precious 2 days of freedom, to working long hours all week, that we don’t listen to our bodies and rest when we need to.

So, if this sound like you, read Courtney’s excellent article and take action to become less busy. And next year, be rested, relaxed and able to spend your “extra hour” doing something you love.

Me? I spent my hour walking my dogs, drinking coffee, reading and blogging. It was a very enjoyable hour.


One Response to “What did you do with your extra hour?”

  1. Josh Martin Says:

    Really makes you think about how stretched we are if we so desperately cling to that “extra” hour for sleep!

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