A longer update!

Hmmmm … so much for updating this blog more regularly!  It turned out that working the day job, teaching classes, buying a house, selling a house, downsizing our stuff, and packing took rather more of our time than we had anticipated!  Far from having leisurely 5 day weekends in between my 3 working days, we seemed to have never been busier in our lives!  However – it was worth it, because – we are here in Scotland!!!

This is what has happened since our last update:

We bought a house in Glentrool Village in Galloway Forest Park.  We originally tried to get our “dream house” near Port William, but the one we wanted was just too expensive and between one thing and another it was too hard to house hunt from 400 miles away! So we decided to buy something “cheap and cheerful” that would do us and get us up into the right area.  So……

….. we bought this rather cute little two bedroom cottage in this lovely peaceful village.

We survived tax return season, got our house fixed up, downsized our possessions

massively, got packed up, and moved up here on February 14!

So – The Big Move has happened!!!!! and sooner than we originally thought as well!

I really will try to update more regularly from now on as I have plenty of time to do so! We have decided to take a “sabbatical” and enjoy getting settled into our new surroundings, so we are not going to be looking for work until September.

So far – 3 weeks into our move – I am LOVING it.  This is the best thing we have ever done!


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