Thoughts on downsizing

We have been in our new house for three weeks now, and I did wonder before we moved how I would cope with the smaller living space.  We have downsized from a 4 bed house with 107 m2 of living space plus 2 bathrooms, to a 2 bed house with 60 m2 of living space plus 1 bathroom!   This was a conscious decision on our part; we wanted to spend as little as possible on our living accommodation so that we could work less and enjoy a better quality of life.

However, I did have niggling worries that we would find the adjustment hard.   Not only is our new house smaller, it is also a little more …. basic.  The single bathroom is downstairs, and has no bath, just a shower.  Heating is provided by a multi-fuel stove which heats water and radiators.   I have always lived in a house with central heating before!  How would I cope with waking up to a freezing cold house, having to clean out and light a fire before we could get any heat in the radiators?  Would we get under each other’s feet all the time in the smaller space?  Would I miss being able to soak in a hot bath?  Would I hate having to make a middle-of-the-night trip downstairs to the loo in a cold house?  Would we feel cramped?  Would the house feel cluttered?

Three weeks in, I can honestly say my worries were unfounded.  I have not once missed the bigger house.  The stove is hard work, but we are getting the hang of it (even if I am permanently covered in coal dust!), and the “hassle factor” of cleaning and lighting a fire every morning is far outweighed by the simple joy of sitting in front of the flickering flames with a mug of coffee.  Buying a small, economical house has meant we are able to take time off from working without having money worries hanging over us.  This is just …. amazing.  We are spending quality time with each other, in beautiful surroundings, doing things we enjoy.  We are reclaiming the art of lingering.  We are out in the fresh air every day, walking the dogs, mountain biking, or running.  See that lovely view in the header?  That was taken at Loch Trool, about 4 miles from our house.

Last week, we spent a couple of hours just watching and photographing the birds feeding in our garden. A couple of times I caught myself thinking “I should stop wasting time with this and get on …” before realising that actually, this sort of thing is *exactly* what I should be spending time doing!

Life here is good 🙂


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