Well … where to start?

We have been married for 12 years. We live in the South of England and are currently self-employed and working in finance. We are planning a Big Move (yes, so big it deserves capital letters) with the intention of a simpler, more meaningful, minimalist life. So far we do not have a definitive plan other than to (a) live in the country, (b) downsize, (c) live more cheaply so that we can (d) work less.  Sound vague?  Stick around and see what we end up doing.  We are currently sorting through our possessions and downsizing them drastically, while researching options as to how we can live and support ourselves.  This blog is going to chart our thoughts, plans and actions all the way through from here to the Big Move (planned for Spring 2012).


The Big Move has happened!  Have we followed our plan?  Well …

(a) We are living in a house in the middle of Galloway Forest Park.  I think that qualifies!
(b) We have moved from a 4 bed/2 bath house to a 2 bed/1 bath house.  Definitely downsized!
(c) We are embracing frugal living, we’ve even started shopping at Aldi!
(d) Watch this space – we are taking the summer off to enjoy our new surroundings and work out what we are going to live on long term!

Stay tuned to find out what we end up doing with ourselves in our new life in Scotland!


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