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We have a plan!

January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

So it is the start of 2011 and everyone is busy making their resolutions … lose weight! get fit! give up smoking!

We have decided against resolutions this year.  We have goals instead!  The main one being to spend this year getting ready for our Big Move early in 2012.  We have some fitness goals and stuff too, but mainly 2011 is going to be about working towards our Big Move.  It seems so far away at this point that it would be easy to just let things drift and find ourselves, come the autumn, no nearer to achieving it.  So, with that in mind we sat down and drew up our Big Plan for 2011!  You can see the Big Plan in the sidebar to the right, and every time something gets done, it will get crossed off the list. 

Spring 2012 seemed a long way off until we started the list.  Now, it seems barely enough time to get everything done, bearing in mind that all this has to be done in spare time while staying with our day job until we  are ready to sell up!

You will see some things are still a little vague; we are not sure yet if we will be selling our house, or letting it out, so the list will get updated as we go.  But it’s really good to know that the framework is there.  It makes our Big Move seem much more real!